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Cautious Times in Commercial Construction

At the start of 2022 optimism reigned.

We had survived the ‘Covid Years’ and an air of regeneration was upon us. But the reality was those years have caused a massive backlog in supplies. Costs have increased dramatically. The war in Ukraine has impacted fuel prices and transport costs, leaving it incredibly difficult to secure pricing and timescales for projects. This is possibly a reason for a downturn in construction projects.

As a long standing family construction company, we have forged great relationships with our suppliers, which enable us to confidently provide quotations for industrial commercial construction projects in Yorkshire and the surrounding cities of Derby and Nottingham.

So whilst there is much uncertainty in the construction market at the moment, we will provide a confident, reliable service.

Goodward Construction have been constructing commercial buildings for over 30 years, ranging from factories, office units, industrial units and large ground works projects, including drainage and sewer works.